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Lan Hoang Translations is founded by Hoang Bao Lan (Lan Hoang), a professional freelance translator who offers exceptional language expertise services. Lan Hoang has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language with the concentration in Translation Studies in 2015. During a year within 2014-2015 academic year, Lan Hoang cooperated with his university supervisor and lecturer as a freelance translator and collaborator. Later in 2016, when he was working in the education industry, he got the scholarship to study further his communication professional skills in Porto by Erasmus + Grant. Later, in 2020, he got the Master of Arts in Language Studies with the concentration in Intercultural Communication. During the period and continuously until now, he received the ATA (American Translators Association) active voting member, CIOL (Chartered Institue of Linguists) full membership (MCIL) and many several continuous professional development (CPD) courses.

Lan Hoang then developed his network with high-quality freelance translators in other language pairs. Lan Hoang Translations is a team of professional translators who provide high quality, professional translation services for over 10 years with affordable prices and direct responsibilities, just as any freelance translator. Please check out our client list and read some client testimonials on my services. Many customers feel that Lan Hoang Translations the best affordable solution for their requirements.



Amid the crisis of low-quality translators, who are always ready to work for peanuts, it is even more important now to choose the right translator for your materials. Consequences of bad translations are normally that you need your translations to be translated again, that you wasted your time and have to ask for an urgent re-translation with even tighter deadline and higher rate.

It is thus crucial to use a freelance Vietnamese-native English professional chartered linguist (translator) to deliver your files correctly, on time and locally appropriate. 

A specialised translator with over 10 years in translating, localising, transcreating, subtitling, audio transcribing (and of course, proofreading and editing for sure) should be your choice then.


Why choose me from the rest?

  • Contest winner in Proz.com for English - Vietnamese language pair.uc?export=download&id=1ExmZi8dYUP3LGw_96tNaUbK7GlQG1EnE&revid=0Byj6xy_e-HNgbTVETW13dSs0S2t1dHNwNkFqYmxNWFNRUEhnPQ

  • The ONLY Chartered Linguist IN THE WORLD now for VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE.uc?export=download&id=1xGOq4RDjBFBqBOJi2L3IA4DJo_cEkaWg&revid=0Byj6xy_e-HNgKzFvWEp4L0hBaldxeWJaUnpRTDQ1UHZsOFdFPQ

  • Proz-certified PRO NETWORK  certified-translator   


Do you actually know what does this mean to have an ATA Voting Membership for the Vietnamese language?

Then, let me ask you whether you know how sensitive it is the Vietnam War for the Vietnamese diaspora communities in the U.S and Australia? Do you know how significantly different the Vietnamese language in Vietnam now and the Vietnamese language in the diaspora communities? DO NOT hire a translator with little knowledge of the South Vietnamese language. DO HIRE a translator knowing to translate School District as Khu Học Chánh instead of Trường học, or Airport as Phi Trường instead of Sân bay, otherwise, you either will lose the game or at least have a bad translation. 


Do you even know that I am doing legal/court content translations for the courts in the U.K or the immigration offices in the U.S?

Since 2013, I have provided TEP (translation with no need for editing) services for the U.K police stations, courts, and other related government agencies and bodies of the U.K. Immigration offices in the U.S are also frequent clients of mine in legal issues. What's more? Many public securities in Vietnam and companies which are in need of legal contracts and documents are also my loyal customers.



You are going to contact me now, but want to know whether I can use CAT tools (SDL Trados, MemoQ, MemSource, etc.)?

So you have nothing to worry about here. I have been trained to use SDL Trados 2021 and have been their mastered user with 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 versions as well. I have also used MemoQ 9.0, MemSource, MateCat, SmartCAT, XTM, Wordfast, Smartling, SmartCAT and many others upon request.



What if you want to have a notarized translation for the document?

Then that also should not be a problem. With my quality of translation, Phùng Quân Public Notary Office located right in the centre of Hanoi will provide you with the Notary Approved seal with my translation for an additional very small fee.


- business/ finance translation

- legal document translation

- medical translation


- Transcreate marketing documents

- Transcreate creative contents

- Transcreate slogans and brands 


- Subtitle Films, Movies

- Subtitle Campaign Advertisements

- Transcribe Audios

- Transcribe Confidential Documents


- Game localization

- Software applications

- Multimedia


    • Letter, education & conversation translations.
    • Business/ finance, economic report and human resources.
    • Technical guides, operating manual, automotive and patent translations.
    • Transcreation, website, brochure, internal communications, marketing translations.
    • Legal documents, contracts, agreements, court procedures, politics, pursuit translations.
    • Medical reports, health care, tests, cardiology, equipment & sofware, pharmaceutical translations.
    • Hospitality and tourism translations.
    • Game localization and translations.

Your Problems, My Solutions!

Interested, but in a hurry?
Who I am?
Lan Hoang
English-Vietnamese Translator, Chartered Linguist

Dear my potential clients, nice to meet you! 

Learning a bit more about someone who will be your partner - a service language provider is always useful, so here are a few facts about me:


  • I'm Hoang Bao Lan in full, (most people call me Lan or Lan Hoang), the translator behind Lan Hoang Translations. I have been a professional translator since 2013.
  • I grew up with a special sense of awareness of the Vietnamese language from both North (modern Vietnamese accent as the national accent) and the South Vietnam accent. That makes me a long-term translator, then, for many South Vietnamese clients and U.S Schools and Government due to the fact that most of the Vietnamese in the U.S come from the South of Vietnam before 1975 with sensitive political issues with the North.
  • I have a Bachelor degree in the English Language,  and Translation Studies from the University of Hue in 2015 officially. Later, in 2020, I obtained a Master degree in Language Studies and Intercultural Communication.
  • I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) with Chartered Linguist status and a voting member of the American Translators Association (ATA). I am also a Certified Pro on ProZ.com, the world's largest professional network for translators. The special thing here is that I am the ONLY ONE CHARTERED LINGUIST in VIETNAMESE. Do you need evidence? Please check here: https://www.ciol.org.uk/translator/profile/54336/36/10296
  • I am SDL Trados certified (2021 version), MemoQ certified (Level 1) and also master many other CAT such as MemSource, Smartling, SmartCAT, ABBYY Fine Reader, etc.
  • I am also a fully qualified Vietnamese language examiner of The Second Language Testing Inc since 2020.

If you would like to know more about my professional qualifications and experience, feel free to get in touch for a chat, request my CV, or check out my LinkedIn profile.


[email protected]

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This man knows how to handle large projects! Recommend.

_Radu Sargu of Polilingua Vendor Manager

Wonderful and professional work in every way and helped us with a very tight deadline!

_Joseph d. Translation agency/company employee or owner

Willing to work again with this translator. He was very professional and delivered a big translation meeting the deadline with high quality. We will work again with him for sure! Very fast communication, we appreciate that!

_Aturing Traducciones juradas de inglés

Very professional, willing to work again with him.

_The Translation Gate Translation Company

We had the great opportunity to work with Hoang Bao Lan and we definitely would like to work again soon. Thank you.

_DUX Translations Translation Company

Always a pleasure to work with. Incredibly responsive, thorough and quick turnaround times.

_New Pioneers Translation Translation Company

Lan Hoang Translations is the best affordable solution for my requirements. Always a pleasure to work with. Incredibly responsive, thorough and quick turnaround times.

_Andy Dafoe Traduccionola

Mr Hoang is a fast, efficient and reliable translator. Dedicated with a fast turnaround time, accuracy & quality. We are amazed at his speed & diligence in work. Highly recommended for his professionalism.

_Global Trans Synergy Sdn Bhd _ Malaysia Translation Company
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