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I am Lan Hoang, a professional freelance translator who offers exceptional language expertise services. I have a Bachelor of Arts in the English Language with a concentration in Translation Studies in 2015. During a year within the 2014-2015 academic year, I cooperated with his university supervisor and lecturer as a freelance translator and collaborator. Later in 2016, when I was working in the education industry, I got the scholarship to study further his communication professional skills in Porto by Erasmus + Grant. Later, in 2020, I got the Master of Arts in Language Studies with a concentration in Intercultural Communication. During the period and until now, I have received the ATA (American Translators Association) active voting member, CIOL (Chartered Institue of Linguists) full membership (MCIL), chartership (CL) and finished many several continuous professional development (CPD) courses.

  • Official B.A Degree in Translation Studies and M.A Degree in Language Studies. 
  • A TOP 6 BEST TRANSLATORS OF MY LANGUAGE PAIR on Proz.com (Check it here!)
  • A Winner of English-Vietnamese Translation Contest of Proz.com. (Check it here!)
  • Certified PRO member of Proz.com (Check it here!)
  • Voting Member of American Translators’ Association (Check it!) with over  10 years of freelance language consultancy experience;
  • CAT tools I use regularly and master comprising of SDL Trados 2021, MemoQ 9.0, MemSource, XTM, Smartling, SmartCAT, Aegisub;
  • Either Paypal, TransferWise, Payoneer, SmartCAT's pay, Proz’ Pay, etc. upon discussion.

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Who I am?
Lan Hoang
English-Vietnamese Translator, Chartered Linguist

Amid the crisis of translation quality and peanut translators, it is crucial to remember that YOU - the client - also plays an indispensable role there. Many wish to be offered a translation of "affordability" in their own imagination of a third world country while still receiving the high-quality translation. My suggestion for those who still think that way is very simple: those who are only willing to pay the least to receive the best shall deserve neither the least nor the best.

Tons of my clients are those who used to be so and the consequence is the same: the translation is aggressively criticized later and they came to me with a wish to re-translate all the files with my rate - something usually 2 or 3 times the peanut rates they paid at first for the bad translators.

Don't lose your clients, your bids to the government. Don't feed your students and audiences with bad translation for your school's news or bulletins. Don't create/cause a scandal for your corporate because of bad internal report translation, poor-quality guidance material translation. The consequences of trying a cheap translator/translation are serious and sometimes inevitable later.

What are the differences I can bring about to you?

  • Translation by the only one Chartered Linguist (Translator) (Check it here!) of Vietnamese language in the world. It brings you for sure the promises about translation quality, professional communication and most importantly, the services you deserve to receive.
  • Both North and South Vietnamese language locales, linguistically, politically and culturally, particularly the one is using by Vietnamese diaspora communities around the world. Many tell you that they are native Vietnamese speakers and translators. But if they are professional translators, they should tell you what specific variants, or sometimes knowns as locales they can understand. There's a big difference between the North and South Vietnamese language linguistically, not to say, culturally and politically.

“Hoang has been of great support to the translation team. Over the past years, he has been amazing task after task. He always delivers on time and on top of that, he is flexible enough to take on different tasks such as voice-over, which is incredible. 10/10 would recommend for any translation project.”

Joshua Müller, TranzProz, Inc.

Let's send me your material for translation to be the next satisfied client!

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Freelance Professional Translator and Language Consultant, 2013–Present, ProZ.com

- Computer-Assisted Tools used: Trados Studio 2017, Trados Studio 2014, MemoQ 8.5, Passolo 2009, MemoSource, XTM, MateCat, Fluency, SmartCAT, Word Processor, ABBYY Fine Reader, Aegisub and many other upon request.

- Specialities: Court, Finance/ Business, Game, Marketing, Medical, Automotive, Textile & Sewing Industry, Laws & Contracts, Legal Procedures, Procurements, Election, Politics, Civil Engineering & Construction, Health Care Services, Education/Pedagogy, Gambling & Games/Video Games, Wastewater & Water Treatment, IT & Localization, Insurance, Formal administrative forms & documents, General Community Development

- Big Clients: Aturing Translations, R.D.S. Translations, Words voice, Olga Asare/ Swedish Lingo, MarsTranslation, Bureau Translations, SmartCAT, DUX Translations, Linguistic Solutions. U.S Department of Education, California State Elections Division, U.K London Police Station, Medicare and Medicaid, Benjamin Franklin Schools, CAE's Defense and Security (U.S), Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United States of America, Park Lane Elementary School, Aurora Public Schools (U.S), Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Absolute Translations (Australia) and many more.

- CAT Tools: SDL Trados Studio 2021, 2019, 2017, 014, MemoQ 8.5, 2015, SmartCAT, Memsource, SDL Passolo 2009, XTM, MateCat, Fluency, SmartCAT, Word Processor, ABBYY Fine Reader, Aegisub and many other upon request

- Daily Capacity: 5,000-8000 words