About me
Lan Hoang/ English-Vietnamese Translator, Chartered Linguist

Dear my potential clients, nice to meet you! 

Learning a bit more about someone who will be your partner - a service language provider is always useful, so here are a few facts about me:


  • I'm Hoang Bao Lan in full, (most people call me Lan or Lan Hoang), the translator behind Lan Hoang Translations. I have been a professional translator since 2013.
  • I grew up with a special sense of awareness of the Vietnamese language from both North (modern Vietnamese accent as the national accent) and the South Vietnam accent. That makes me a long-term translator, then, for many South Vietnamese clients and U.S Schools and Government due to the fact that most of the Vietnamese in the U.S come from the South of Vietnam before 1975 with sensitive political issues with the North.
  • I have a Bachelor degree in the English Language,  and Translation Studies from the University of Hue in 2015 officially. Later, in 2020, I obtained a Master degree in Language Studies and Intercultural Communication.
  • I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) with Chartered Linguist status and a voting member of the American Translators Association (ATA). I am also a Certified Pro on ProZ.com, the world's largest professional network for translators. The special thing here is that I am the ONLY ONE CHARTERED LINGUIST in VIETNAMESE. Do you need evidence? Please check here: https://www.ciol.org.uk/translator/profile/54336/36/10296
  • I am SDL Trados certified (2021 version), MemoQ certified (Level 1) and also master many other CAT such as MemSource, Smartling, SmartCAT, ABBYY Fine Reader, etc.
  • I am also a fully qualified Vietnamese language examiner of The Second Language Testing Inc since 2020.

If you would like to know more about my professional qualifications and experience, feel free to get in touch for a chat, request my CV, or check out my LinkedIn profile.


[email protected]


Freelance Professional Translator and Language Consultant, 2013–Present, ProZ.com

- Computer-Assisted Tools used: Trados Studio 2017, Trados Studio 2014, MemoQ 8.5, Passolo 2009, MemoSource, XTM, MateCat, Fluency, SmartCAT, Word Processor, ABBYY Fine Reader, Aegisub and many other upon request.

- Specialities: Court, Finance/ Business, Game, Marketing, Medical, Automotive, Textile & Sewing Industry, Laws & Contracts, Legal Procedures, Procurements, Election, Politics, Civil Engineering & Construction, Health Care Services, Education/Pedagogy, Gambling & Games/Video Games, Wastewater & Water Treatment, IT & Localization, Insurance, Formal administrative forms & documents, General Community Development

- Big Clients: Aturing Translations, R.D.S. Translations, Words voice, Olga Asare/ Swedish Lingo, MarsTranslation, Bureau Translations, SmartCAT, DUX Translations, Linguistic Solutions. U.S Department of Education, California State Elections Division, U.K London Police Station, Medicare and Medicaid, Benjamin Franklin Schools, CAE's Defense and Security (U.S), Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United States of America, Park Lane Elementary School, Aurora Public Schools (U.S), Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Absolute Translations (Australia) and many more.

CAT Tools: SDL Trados Studio 2021, 2019, 2017, 014, MemoQ 8.5, 2015, SmartCAT, Memsource, SDL Passolo 2009, XTM, MateCat, Fluency, SmartCAT, Word Processor, ABBYY Fine Reader, Aegisub and many other upon request

Daily Capacity: 5,000-8000 words